Diamond Painting Kit


Unleash & spark your creativity: Delightful, colorful designs are just waiting for you to jazz up with sparkling mini diamonds.
First, peel off the transparent protective film of the cartoon sticker. Then, dip enough clay into the diamond pen and use the pen to grasp the front of the diamond. Finally, bring the diamond to the corresponding number. There are letters/numbers/symbols on each diamond bag.
You can paste them onto the items you want to decorate, such as bottles, pen holders, piggy banks, notebooks, refrigerator doors, mobile phones, hats, etc.
Kits Includes: 6 Stickers + 1 Pen + 1 Tray + 1 glue + 6 Pack Diamantes

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ST002, ST003, ST005, ST006, ST008, ST009, ST010, ST013, ST014


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